Cara Mia Theatre Company

  • Cara Mía Theatre inspires and engages people to uplift their communities through transformative Latinx theatre, multicultural youth arts experiences and community action.
  • Presents 4-5 professional productions each year.
  • Provides fine-arts educational programming for youth.
  • Furthers involvement through Community Action Programming such as; Community Conversations, Youth Nights at the Theatre, Post Show Engagement, and city-wide community building initiatives.


Experience Texas’ largest Latinx Theater!

  • Free, well-lit parking lot.
  • The Latino Cultural Center is a 1 minute walk from the Deep Ellum DART Station.
  • Come as you are! Shoes, Sandals, shirts… we want you to be comfortable! Just remember, it may be cold in the theater!
  • You have permission to laugh, clap, cry, “mm-hmm”, etc!
  • Concessions are available but only before the show and at intermission. Any soft drinks, chips, cookies, beer, or wine must be eaten outside the theater. Water is allowed inside.
  • Come for the conversation, stay for the show. Every 2nd or 3rd Saturday of a performance’s run, Cara Mía offers a Community Conversation that accompany all productions before the show. Community Conversations begin at 5:00 PM and are free and open to the public. Complimentary dinner is provided afterwards. Stay for the show! Check out our all our programming at Cara Mía’s Website.


Be Open To:

  1. The diversity of the human experience, on stage and off.
  2. Be exposed to new perspectives.
  3. Questions with more than one answer.
  4. Artistry that challenges your perceptions.
  5. Experiences that will expand your world.

For more information and a schedule of events, visit their website at

Images from Cara Mia Theatre Company