Here's How it Works

Look below for answers to your Culture Pass questions or call 214-670-1400.

Culture Pass Dallas allows you to experience the amazing array of Dallas arts and cultural experiences.

Through the support of our amazing cultural partners, you can get free tickets to museums, theater, dance, music, film and more.

  1. Log in to the Culture Pass system using your Dallas Public Library card and PIN. (Click here if you don’t have library card or PIN.)
  2. Browse the available attractions and offers. 
  3. Make a reservation.
  4. Shortly before your visit, print out your pass.
  5. Take your pass to the attraction and enjoy the experience!
  6. Be sure to take the follow up survey that you’ll receive in your email.

And most importantly – keep supporting the arts in Dallas all year long.

  • Sign up for their email list
  • Tell your friends about the attraction or event
  • Come back again and buy a ticket (most attractions have discounts)
  • Attend an attraction or event you’ve never been to before

Each attraction has limits on the number of passes you can reserve for any one event and also to that attraction in any calendar year. Check their “Attractions” page for more details.

In the Culture Pass System each library card patron can have five active reservations/passes at any one time. Once the date of your first reservation has passed, you’ll be able to reserve another.

Important Note: Currently, there is no limit to the total number of Culture Pass reservations you can make (to different attractions) throughout the year. However, in order to ensure that the Culture Pass tickets are available to all who would like to use them, the Office of Arts and Culture and the Dallas Public Library reserve the right to restrict usage if necessary.

You can cancel a pass easily in the system Just login to your Culture Pass Dallas account and click on Cancel Pass. However, this will only work if you have not clicked on the “Print/Download” button (and agreed to the warning that passes cannot be cancelled after viewing or printing.) Library staff cannot cancel passes for you. Passes cannot be cancelled after the fact.


We recommend you do not print your pass until right before your reservation. That way, you always have the option to cancel reservations yourself, should your plans change.

If you reserve a pass, the participating organizations will hold a seat or space for you. But there are a limited number of seats and passes available on any given day.

If you are not going to attend, please be sure to cancel the reservation so that someone else can use the pass.

Parking availability and cost varies attraction to attraction. Some have ample free parking, some have paid parking. Check their website or call the attraction to ask. Even downtown there are low-cost lots available.

The arts are for everyone! Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. If you have any questions or concerns, just call the attraction you are interested in and ask. They all have customer service people who can help…and they all want to welcome you to their event.

Most all of the attractions are near public transportation. Check the DART webpage for more information, use Google Transit to plan a trip, or call the attraction to inquire.

The most current list of Culture Pass attractions venues is available on the Culture Pass website.

Click here for a list of all the participating partner organizations.

To find out what offers an attraction is currently offering, log in to the Culture Pass Dallas reservation system.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to make a reservation:

  • No passes are currently available to this attraction. Check on other dates, or call the attraction directly. They may have discount tickets available.
  • You already have five active reservations. Once you have five reservations, no other offers will appear. Cancel any offers you are not going to use (if you haven’t printed them already.)
  • There may be an age restriction on the offer. Call 214-670-1400 to check to see what age is listed on your library card.

You can get a library card at any branch of the Dallas Public Library.

If you’re having difficulty logging in to the Culture Pass System, call the library help desk at 214-670-1400.

Culture Pass Dallas is a partnership between the Dallas Public Library, Office of Arts and Culture, Dallas Arts Organizations, and you!

Culture Pass came to our attention through an event called Dallas Festival of Ideas. Action teams were created after the festival to create and develop an idea for the city based on the theme of that year and one of the projects would be given funding by working with Dallas Social Venture Partners among other partners.

The action team behind the Culture Pass idea was spearheaded by local artist and organizer Erica Felicella, and although the project did not win the competition the Dallas Public Library and the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture thought it was such a great and equitable idea for the city that they decided to champion it forward into existence.